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Business Growth Hacks

Unlocking the Growth Mindset with Drew Donaldson

  • S2E5
  • 54:53
  • January 30th 2023

Today on Business Growth Hacks we have a great guest! Drew Donaldson, an entrepreneur who has built several small companies, including GroHaus, which helps business owners market their companies in a digital world. Drew discusses the benefits of moving from a fast-paced urban environment like Manhattan to a slower pace of life in Pennsylvania. He highlights how the change in pace has positively impacted his business as an entrepreneur and marketing consultant. He also talks about his background in the media industry and how he transitioned from video production to consulting role. Also hear how he focuses on data and marketing strategy to help businesses improve their marketing strategies.

Key Points In This Episode:

  • Getting into hustle mode and determined to accomplish their goals for the new year
  • What store they would pick for a free shopping spree for the rest of their life
  • Drew Donaldson, is an entrepreneur who has built several small companies, including GroHaus, which helps business owners market their companies in a digital world and provides guidance to help them grow their businesses
  • Drew leads the strategy and client services team 
  • Drew mentions he lives in an old house in rural Pennsylvania, which he moved to accidentally while working as a corporate consultant in Manhattan and wanted to escape the high expenses of living in New York
  • You must understand the potential consequences of not making a difference in your business or making a change in your business
  • Find it exciting to share new creative ways that people can implement change in their businesses
  • The growth hack is to share that they believe the top marketing plan for 2023 is using the platform High Level, which they find to be a fantastic tool and they provide it to all of their clients for free
  • Use cold emails to reach new clients, and they recommend using hyper short emails that cut straight to the point, ask a specific industry insider question, and have gotten up to 40% response rates.

Quotable Moments: 

“And really we start with crafting this, this story, right? Because in order to sell anything, you have to have a good story about why you're in business in the first place. Otherwise you just look like an opportunist.” 17:56

“Hyper short emails that cut straight to the point, and don't talk anything about you, but ask a very specific industry insider question. I've done this with certain clients and they've gotten up to 40% response rates on, on, on this strategy.” 48:50

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