EXCLUSIVE: Testimony of overcoming infertility artwork
Bust A Move With Pam Reece

EXCLUSIVE: Testimony of overcoming infertility

  • E158
  • 58:53
  • November 24th 2023

Evangelist Naomie Praise (from the UK), preacher, ordained evangelist, missionary, co-pastor of MPC Ministries, wife of Dr. Leon Kabasele, mom of two exceptional children, advocate/speaker on mental health, qualified mental health worker; prophetic worshipper; songwriter; best-selling author; radio/podcast host; CEO of Glu1 Foundation; founder of Wife Let’s Pray Ministry and a businesswoman @glowedbypraise and @Basildatakeaway; seen on BBC, multi-award recipient for her work done for advocating against abuse and bullying - joined the show to share her story of overcoming infertility.

Naomie's story is an up close and personal one. After she married the love of her life, she wanted to conceive and grow her family. Listen carefully to how she overcame harassment from family and friends, multiple miscarriages, and then one day, after settling in and being at peace, speaking and declaring God's word, she received her promise.

We also speak to those who find themselves in the predicament of being pregnant and are facing the urge or pressure to abort. Alternative advice is provided.

To connect: Instagram: @naomiepraise_official Website: www.mpcministries.org Facebook: Naomie Praise Kabasele Twitter: Naomie Praise Threads: @naomiepraise_official Emails: [email protected] [email protected]

Naomie's book on Heritage (Seven Years of waiting wasn't a Waste) on Amazon: https://a.co/d/8cpL1ct

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