This is a fun BVE interview with Dr. Plummer the CEO of Onyx Therapy Group. artwork
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This is a fun BVE interview with Dr. Plummer the CEO of Onyx Therapy Group.

  • E12
  • 54:13
  • July 7th 2023

Dr. Plummer BVE Podcast Paragraph Summary: 

In this fun and informative Bold Vision podcast, Dr. Plummer, the CEO of Onyx Therapy Group, shares her dynamic entrepreneurial journey. She emphasizes the importance of infusing one's personality into their business and discusses her early ventures into entrepreneurship. Dr. Plummer's passion for helping others and her entrepreneurial spirit in creating innovative solutions to societal challenges are showcased and appreciated.

The podcast also highlights Dr. Plummer's leadership style and the positive influence it has had on her "AMAZING" staff. Special {{Shout-Out}} to Dr. Plummer's staff for their friendly yet professional approach to work. Dr. Plummer values her team's authenticity & trust. She shows her appreciation by creating a supportive environment where they feel safe and appreciated.

Her early failures taught her the importance of hiring people who fit the company culture, leading to a stronger and more cohesive work environment, particularly for black women. 

We discuss the topic of chasing money versus focusing on purpose and building a healthy business culture capable of supporting steady growth.

Additionally, we discuss entrepreneurship, government contracts, and the challenges faced by black women in business, including limited access to capital. We cover her vision to expand in the GovCon space, form strategic partnerships, and focus on curriculum development. We even tickle the surface of her book.

Overall, we look at her origin story, highlighting the passion and drive behind her work and the desire to impact the mental health field positively.

A few things we learned during the interview:

  • Dr. Plummer is a dynamic and multitasking individual who impressed the host (Brent) with her ability to lead a class, work a vendor's table at a conference, pass out giveaways, and engage in meaningful conversation(s) simultaneously.
  • She is the CEO of Onyx Therapy Group, a mental health company with nine offices across the country.
  • Dr. Plummer specializes in mental health services for all ages and has experience in various settings, including private practice and working with government agencies.
  • Her entrepreneurial journey started in middle school, and she later dedicated more time to her business and writing a book after working as a faculty member at Johns Hopkins University.
  • It is crucial to infuse one's personality into their business and vibrate at their frequency.
  • Dr. Plummer is Awesome, fun, intelligent, caring, introspective, understanding, emotionally astute, and challenges the status quo to help others have a better life.
  • Dr. Plummer creates a culture of protection and support for her staff and emphasizes the importance of authenticity to foster trust and a positive cultural fit.
  • Dr. Plummer doesn't believe in or subscribe to toxic leadership practices.
  • Success as an entrepreneur is possible with awareness, discipline, intentionality, and strategy.

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