Live from Blizzconline! artwork
But Wait! There's Lore!

Live from Blizzconline!

  • S9E11
  • 28:48
  • February 21st 2021

Pride is joined by Shanyn & Kexman to talk about the surface-level implications of the new lore we received from Blizzconline! This episode was recorded live with live chat to some of our listeners during Warcraft Radio's Blizzconline coverage!

But Wait! There's Lore!

But Wait! There's Lore! goes beyond the pixels, code, and players and dives into the rich and illustrious lore and story behind the massively popular World of Warcraft games, books, comics, and films. Venture with us on a journey to tell, craft, and investigate the lore and story of Azeroth.