Where is Veronika’s Safety Net? artwork
Cancer Convos: Survivorship. Advocacy. Policy

Where is Veronika’s Safety Net?

  • 31:15
  • July 27th 2020

Veronika, a Non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer survivor, NCCS
advocate, and Museum Educator, lead group tours of young,
aspiring artists at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburg. In the
cramped exhibit halls and close quarters of the indoor museum,
she would feel the hugs of her young guests who greeted her as
she prepared groups for interactive demonstrations. She also
served as the front-line for the museum by being the first face a
visitor would see. Visitors came to Veronika for answers.

Since Friday the 13th of March, Veronika has been furloughed
from her museum and safely quarantined alone in her home. As
a cancer survivor with a depleted immune system, she is at a
heightened risk for a deadly infection if she contracts COVID-19,
which would most likely cost her her life.

Yet, Veronika loves her job and finds her life purpose in her
work, which gives her both happiness and security to pay bills
and receive health insurance. But now, she fears her job will
soon require her to go back to the museum, which in turn, will
compromise her health and safety.

Cancer Convos: Survivorship. Advocacy. Policy

In Cancer Convos, leaders of the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship talk with health care experts, providers, cancer survivors, caregivers, and advocates about cancer survivorship, advocacy, and policy efforts to improve cancer care. Shelley Fuld Nasso, NPP, is the CEO of this advocacy group with a strong mission. Formerly leading public policy with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Shelley found her calling to advocacy as a dear friend lost his battle to cancer at only 43 years old. Now, she is bringing survivors and healthcare providers together with a new podcast. Lindsey Houff MPP is the Senior Policy Manager for NCCS. A dedicated advocate and graduate of Virginia Tech, Lindsey lost her father at a young age to Melanoma. The NCCS team is working to build a brighter future for those who have been affected by cancer. As NCCS aims to improve public policies, the advocates and survivors behind the story are inspiring and educational. Education, inspiration and connection, the keys to bringing survivors and healthcare together with a common goal; surviving cancer.