• 26:17
  • February 15th 2021

Diane Forster is an Award-Winning Life Coach, an Award-Winning Inventor, a Best-Selling Author, TV Host and Podcaster of “I HAVE TODAY.” She is a Transformation Coach for Women in transition or who want to transition in their lives, personally and professionally.

She’s the recipient of the Global Excellence Award for “Life Coach of the Year” in California. She is an Executive Contributor for BRAINZ Magazine and a regular guest and co-host on “The Edge” Radio in Los Angeles.

Her mission…to see that 1 Billion people who don’t know their self-worth discover their true divinity, power and purpose. She’s a mom of twins, loves the beach, and is addicted to mindset and manifestation.



Join host, Christine Perakis, bestselling author, speaker, attorney, and serial entrepreneur, as she and her guests share the stories and strategies that they’ve used to become “invincible” no matter what life throws at them!

We are all experiencing the reverberations from the most catastrophic pandemic in the last 100 years. And, for most, this isn’t the first “Category 5-level” event they’ve endured. We will talk with successful entrepreneurs, senior leaders, and personal wellness experts who will share stories of the challenges they have encountered and the tools they use to become invincible in their lives and businesses in any weather. Find out how you, too, can shore up your business and your life so that you can come through these “storms” to reach clear skies and calm seas and thrive! Christine gets businesses from 0 to 8-Figures in record time, drawing from her experiences starting, growing and expanding 10 businesses on her own and with partners, and helping 100s of clients on 5 continents to do the same. Contact her at https://christineperakis.com

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