• 25:30
  • February 1st 2021

Dayakar “Day” Veerlapati is the President and CEO of S2Tech, an IT services company serving Medicaid programs in 35+ states. Launched in 1997, S2Tech has global headquarters in Chesterfield, Missouri, and regional development centers in Jefferson City, Missouri, and Hyderabad, India.

S2Tech was growing steadily until it lost 71% of its revenue in one day when its largest client walked away. To cope, Day began doing yoga and meditation through the Isha Foundation’s Inner Engineering (IE) program, and it transformed his personal and professional life. Over 75 S2Tech employees and family members have also enrolled.

S2Tech now has a diversified clientele, growing profits, and high employee morale. Moreover, Day created the nonprofit Fortune Fund that has helped 100 poor children in India earn college degrees and become software engineers, nurses, pharmacists and accountants. The Fund plans to expand to rural Missouri in 2021.
Day earned Master’s degrees in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the Indian Institute of Technology and in Information Management from Washington University in St. Louis.


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