Echobox Memory Vault  artwork
Caregiver Chronicles

Echobox Memory Vault

  • E43
  • 26:29
  • June 13th 2021

This week Sarah and Jeremy interview Tim and Tannis Roberts, creators of the app Echobox. We talk about how Echobox can be used to help caregivers for dementia patients, and non-verbal persons. Also as a tool to connect generations, and offer support for grieving families 

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Caregiver Chronicles

“Caregiver Chronicles” is the story of one caregiver’s personal and professional journey as a caregiver. The host, Sarah Stelmach-Brown, was a Certified Nursing Assistant for 17 years. She is also the mother of two boys on the autism spectrum. She also helped take care of members of her family through their battles with dementia.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarah experienced caregiver burnout. She wanted to share her story to help anyone else who may have been experiencing the same thing. With the help of her husband, Jeremy, the pair of them started “Caregiver Chronicles” in their truck, recording episodes on a cell phone.

“Caregiver Chronicles” has grown, allowing Sarah to connect with other caregivers from all walks of life. What started as a podcast by a single caregiver experiencing burnout has become a way for family caregivers to connect, learn and grow.

The podcast has covered a wide variety of topics, from autism awareness and acceptance to dementia caregiving to education and assistance in applying for services. Sarah is not afraid to discuss any issue that affects caregivers and the people they care for.