From Fertilizer to Finances Talking Shop with EQRP's CEO, Parker Pursell artwork
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From Fertilizer to Finances Talking Shop with EQRP's CEO, Parker Pursell

  • E170
  • 34:21
  • May 8th 2024

Welcome back to The Cashflow Project! In today's episode, we're joined by Parker Pursell, CEO of EQRP, as he shares his inspiring journey from a rural upbringing to leading in self-directed retirement planning. From his roots in family business to navigating challenges during the pandemic, Parker's story emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities and taking control of financial futures.

Join us as we delve into Parker's insights on financial empowerment, self-directed retirement accounts, and his unique 'restorator' approach to business and life. With book recommendations and actionable advice, this episode offers a wealth of resources for anyone seeking to enhance their financial literacy and personal growth.

[00:00] Creative sales strategy, successful with high conversion.

[03:57] Worked near naval base, learned to serve.

[06:51] Transitioned from various jobs to company leadership.

[09:35] Learning, adapting, taking action - continuous improvement.

[15:58] Advocacy for hard assets as protection from inflation.

[18:20] System limits choices; people seek comfort elsewhere.

[20:32] Different financial situations require strategic planning for retirement.

[23:45] Creative ways to invest and strategize effectively.

[29:05] Prioritize values and self over worldly success.

[32:12] Seize financial opportunities with self-directed IRA. Visit

[33:44] July 10-13. Share, review, improve, learn, action, vision.

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