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Selling the sizzle with Gene Trowbridge

  • E46
  • 43:58
  • February 16th 2021

Join Steve Fierros and his co-host, Matt Callihan, as they chat with Gene Trowbridge about the questions first-time syndicators should ask and consider. Gene is a real estate syndicator and a co-founding partner at the Trowbridge Law Group. He has decades of experience and knowledge of being part of syndications! In this episode, Gene also shares with us the importance of building relationships and the upcoming changes to the definition of an accredited investor. 

Syndication is not about Real Estate

We all know that in syndications, you have to form a lot of partnerships with multiple investors to start pooling capital for a certain deal. Before these partnerships are formed, you have to build relationships with the investors to find out if they’re the right people that will match well with your personality and values. If you’re aiming to have a wide network and long-term connections, developing your relationships with these people is important. You will want to earn their trust and confidence in your capabilities. 

Gene said that syndications are not about real estate, but rather the relationships you build with people.

Outline of the episode: 

·        [01:56] The start of his real estate syndication journey.

·        [05:03] At the age of 45 he decided to get into law school.

·        [07:28] Gene’s why for helping people in their syndication journey.

·        [09:42] The common mistakes early syndicators make.

·        [12:00] Do you need a key man insurance?

·        [14:46] Questions first-time syndicators should be asked.

·        [18:08] Investing in deals and their TBD podcast series.

·        [19:32] You need to decide what you really want to do before asking for help.

·        [23:26] The importance of having policies in your business.

·        [24:25] Great kinds of properties to invest in real estate today.

·        [27:00] Different kinds of companies shutting down because of the pandemic.

·        [28:27] Long-distance is a good long-term solution for office problems.

·        [31:27] A proposal to modify the accredited investor definition.

·        [35:28] Working with syndicators that are not from your local area.

·        [38:50] Gene’s two extremely valuable presentations.


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