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The Cashflow Project

Value, vision, and versatility with Pili Yarusi

  • E41
  • 33:51
  • January 11th 2021

Join me and my co-host, Steve Fierros, as we chat with Pili Yarusi about her values, visions, versatility, and how she and her husband have such a great partnership! Pili is the co-founder and operator of Yarusi Holdings LLC with her husband Jason. Yarusi Holdings is a large multifamily investment firm that repositions underperforming properties through operational efficiencies, rebranding, and value-add properties. Aloha, and enjoy the episode now!

Treat Everyone with Aloha!

Aloha is more than just a word that you say when you greet someone or bid farewell. It also means love, respect, kindness, compassion, affection, and so on! With all our problems today, treating everyone with Aloha makes everything better. Regardless if it is in the business industry or not, you need to have more Aloha in your world! Especially since the COVID-19, there have been more sufferings and negativity. Let everything revolve around Aloha and continue building your mindset to have a better approach in life! 

It’s all about Communication and Understanding

Communicating is not always easy, but you have to remember that when you avoid matters that need to be addressed, it only makes things worse! Pili and Jason’s partnership is one the greatest examples of why communication is important. They talk about the good, bad, uncomfortable topics, and in short, everything! In order to make any relationships work and last long-term, you need to have that transparency and understanding. Every kind of relationship is built on communication, and most partnerships don’t work because they lack in this aspect. Learn to become comfortable talking about issues and start trusting your partners. 

About Pili Yarusi:

Pilialoha Yarusi is an awesome mommy who also happens to know a little about real estate and personal development. She has partnered with her equally awesome husband, Jason, and created Yarusi Holdings LLC, a large multifamily investment firm. Currently, they are general partners in about 800 units with 250 under direct asset management. Her FOCUS is on large multifamily syndication and asset management.

She runs the Investor and Client Relations branches of both Yarusi Holdings and Multifamily Formula. Multifamily Formula is Pili and Jason’s interactive education platform for investors to build a strong FOUNDATION with buying large multifamily.

Pili is also the co-host of the Jason and Pili Project. Her goal is to help one person a day take one step closer to a Fit Rich Life.

She loves to play with her kiddos and husband, run, do yoga, and crossfit. She is currently raving about #75hard, and her ultimate goal is to host a Mastermind in Maui…

She and Jason have three awesome children. Luke, Lily, and Leo, and two English Bulldogs, Jack and Jill.

Pili has her NJ Real Estate License and is a Realtor with EXP Realty.


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