3 Ways Buyers Can Stay Positive in a Seller's Market artwork
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3 Ways Buyers Can Stay Positive in a Seller's Market

  • 11:54
  • August 19th 2021

Scott Pridemore and Mike Hege describe three ways that buyers can remain positive and calm in a competitive seller's market.

What are three ways that buyers can stay positive in a seller's market? (1:13)

Sometimes the first way that comes to mind might very well be the approach. (1:44)

It's always a good idea to try to identify your preferences from the beginning as just as a general framework. (4:19)

The good news is you're looking for one, you don't need five. (5:30)

If there's 15 offers on the property you may want, that means there's 14 other buyers in the same general geographic area. (6:12)

Their perception of what they can get for their money or can't get can sometimes slow things down. (7:15)

Let's talk about number three, be open to a home that may need work. (9:06)

Where you live is important and the box isn't as important as where the box is located. (10:55)

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