What we learned from trying mental health apps artwork
Gupshup by Chayn

What we learned from trying mental health apps

  • E2
  • 13:01
  • July 31st 2019

In this podcast, Rosie Maguire and Satvika Khera from our team talk about mental health apps and whether they can support survivors of abuse in their journey towards recovery and healing. 

This is related to our guide Getting Better & Moving On. See the full guide here: www.gettingbetter.chayn.co

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Music by Diana Tso.

Gupshup by Chayn

Hosted by Chayn, we bring gritty and heartfelt conversations to you about how women are tired of being marginalised, and how they are taking up the tools of the world to dismantle patriarchy (did anyone catch that bell hooks reference?). We'll discuss the latest projects Chayn does on bringing survivor-led design and intersectional analysis to create platforms, spaces and guides to help women and non-binary people experiencing violence. We'll also interview people we admire, our volunteers and friends to discuss gender-based violence and what is being done about it.

Chayn (pronounced ch-en) is a global volunteer network addressing gender-based violence by creating intersectional survivor-led resources online. Started in 2013, and have since reached more than 300 000 people and 1.5 million views across the world. Most of our volunteers are survivors of abuse. Find out more on chayn.co!

Though most podcasts will be in English, there will be episodes in all the 8 languages we work in. Gupshup means chit chat in Urdu.

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