#10 “Complicated” Family History (feat. Adriane Kruer)
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#10 “Complicated” Family History (feat. Adriane Kruer)
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Adriane Kruer is a Clinical Psychologist located in Silverlake, Los Angeles. Adriane enjoys the therapist community in L.A because of how creative they can be. She and her group practice work with kids, families, and adults particularly with complicated family history. Working with older groups of people helped her realize that people can still feel the impacts from events that happened in their past. In this interview she explains what she means by complicated. She started her career working at summer camp and developed an interest in the development of other people. From there she felt that becoming a clinical psychologist was something natural. Adriane felt passionate about the stigma behind going to talk to a therapist and would like everyone to know that they don’t have to be scared. There isn’t anything wrong with you, it’s only a new experience.

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