#12 Digital Marketing Hacks (Feat. Angie Gensler)
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#12 Digital Marketing Hacks (Feat. Angie Gensler)
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Angie Gensler is a blogger, digital marketer, and creator of the Social Media Calendar. She teaches small business owners how to grow their business efficiently. Angie helps create balance within a business to ease stress and save time so that you can spend it with your family by providing helpful/creating helpful resources. Pinterest is an outlet that she uses heavily, and it’s mentioned in this episode. Angie’s social media calendar is getting very popular, for all business owners (small or large). The social media calendar was created to spark ideas for posting on your business’ social media. Watch or listen to this episode for more helpful tricks from Angie to help promote your business.


Visit Angie’s Website for free resources, cheat sheet, and checklists.

Website: angiegensler.com


Social Media Calendar (365 Days of Content): https://melissa_dasilva–gensler.thrivecart.com/2019-social-media-content-calendar/

Pinterest Marketing 101: https://melissa_dasilva–gensler.thrivecart.com/pinterest-marketing-101/


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