#13 Copy Your Brand! (Feat. Lee Rowley)
Chit Chat With A Therapist
#13 Copy Your Brand! (Feat. Lee Rowley)
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Lee Rowley is one of the few podcast guests that isn’t a therapist. He is a copy brander who helps people to sell a brand of trust and drives people away from the pushy sales tactic. With copy branding he believes that business owners can win clients for life. He finds that having a conversation in writing is more engaging.


In this episode of Chit Chat with a Therapist, Lee talks about his journey through alcoholism and dealing with the passing of his 10-year-old daughter. He shares with us the “3 Elements of Powerful Copy” and shares some tips and tricks to really getting to know your client.


Look out for Lee’s newly written book “Don’t Worry About People Who Aren’t Your People” in April 2019.


Dm us what you think his diagnosis is and he will send you a book! @LeeRowley

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