#4 Motherhood Transitioning (feat. Laura Luckie Finch)
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#4 Motherhood Transitioning (feat. Laura Luckie Finch)
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Laura Luckie Finch is a licensed professional counselor located in Birmingham, Alabama. Her current private practice specializes in women issues. She helps women who are going through depression, anxiety, postpartum depression, transitioning to motherhood, infertility, and more. Her current age group starts at adults around the college age. Laura is licensed in both Alabama and Tennessee. In this episode of CCWT, Melissa and Laura talk about working with children then transitioning into working with only adults. They also talk about curiosity led her into becoming a therapist. Laura believes in actively practicing gratitude and try to keep in mind the things that you are grateful for.

Website: https://www.llfcounseling.com/

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