#8 Pause and Reflect (feat. Diana Barrett)
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#8 Pause and Reflect (feat. Diana Barrett)
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Diana Barrett is a multilingual licensed Psychotherapist. Her practice, True Living Therapy Center is in Los Angeles. She started her career in accounting and business but soon realized that this field didn’t suit her as she thought it would. She then started paving her way through to become a licensed therapist. She quickly made her way through her master’s and accelerated programs and received her LMFT. During the time of the interview the anniversary of receiving her license was soon to come and her birthday also passed. Around her birthday time Diana likes to take a pause and reflect on the past year of her life to evaluate her personal and professional life. Diana believes that it is important to take a pause every now and then to take a step back and look at your progress and goals to see if it still aligns with what you want out of life. Journal writing is an outlet she expresses to be very useful to her pauses in life. Melissa and Diana also talk about their different passions and how they help balance work and life. To learn more about Diana and her practice visit her website.


Website: www.truelivingtherapycenter.com.


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