#9 What’s Occupational Therapy? (feat. Kavitha Krishnan)
Chit Chat With A Therapist
#9 What’s Occupational Therapy? (feat. Kavitha Krishnan)
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In this episode of Chit Chat with A Therapist, Melissa talks to Kavitha Krishnan a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. She is currently based in North Carolina but grew up in Malaysia and moved to the U.S 15 years ago to finish her post professional masters. Kavitha was part of the first batch of people who were accepted into the occupational therapy program in Singapore which was designed by the University of Sydney. This episode touches base on the importance of OT and how it improves the quality of life for individuals. Melissa and Kavitha tell their experiences with working with individuals who struggle with sensory dysfunctions. OT’s look across the lifespan and observe daily activities, recognizing the things that are meaningful and purposeful to people’s lives. Kavitha talks about how she enjoys thinking out of the box to help people with autism, ADHD and many more with sensory issues. Kavitha is not only a therapist but she is also an author. Her book titled, “The SI Solution: The Definitive Family Guide To Thriving During Sensory Integration Dysfunction. This book is a guide to understanding and living with sensory integration dysfunction issues.


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