Angela Duncan- Bold & Sexy  artwork
Chit Chat with the Queer and Creative

Angela Duncan- Bold & Sexy

  • S1E18
  • 22:57
  • March 22nd 2021

Angela Duncan is an internationally published boudoir photographer, artist, inspirationalist, queer icon and a dealer of self accptance. Living in a small town in East Texas, she’s always been a little different than everyone else. First being the first boudoir specialist in her town and then coming out as queer a couple of years into building her boudoir empire, she gained a lot of attention, and not always positive. With the help of her camera and her loyal clients, she was able to unwrap her truest self over the past 5 years to get to the point of living her best life today. In 2020, she officially tied the knot with her wife, Brit. They bought their first home together, built a fabulous in-home studio for her to work in and are currently renovating a large 1100 square foot building on their property to be Brit’s personal training gym. They have a son that they homeschool and co-parent with Angela’s former husband. In this episode, Angela and I discuss her journey of becoming a boudoir photographer and what the process is usually like. We also discuss Angela’s adaptations to her business because of COVID. 

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