0017 - My Journey to Finding a Path to Healing
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0017 - My Journey to Finding a Path to Healing
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Often in life, our health isn't perfect and we can find ourselves looking for answers and cures to whatever condition or ailment that has presented itself.

When the condition hasn't got an easy explanation or a readily available treatment or cure, this can lead us down an all-consuming path of frustration and can all too often lead to depression and poor mental health.

As we try to find a cure or a solution to the health problem, we often don't realise that we are punishing ourselves with stress and this can lead to even more problems. 

What if we didn't seek a cure, as such, but looked, instead, for a path towards healing.

This might sound like they are the same thing, but there is a difference of thinking (and action) here.

To understand this way of thinking more, Health and Wellness Coach, Saralyn Salisbury-Jones shares her own journey towards finding a path to healing - rather than a cure.

In this episode, Saralyn chats openly to Clarity Junction host, Gillian, about her own bipolar II disorder and diagnosis, and how it has enlightened her to create a wellness path that is both beneficial and unique to her own healing.

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