0020 - I'm FINE. My Journey With Postnatal Depression
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0020 - I'm FINE. My Journey With Postnatal Depression
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In this podcast episode, Clarity Junction host, Gillian shares her own story of her experience with postnatal depression. 

After a difficult and worrying pregnancy, Gillian then faced a mix of emotions once her baby was born. This was a time when she felt that she couldn't talk about her true emotions and hid them from others by telling them that she was 'fine', when that couldn't have been further from the truth.

This story of denial and covering up true feelings is all too normal in our society. 

Depression is often regarded as a weakness that shouldn't be spoken about, yet most of us experience it from time to time. It is not something rare or unique. We just don't talk about it and this makes it seem an unnatural experience to go through.

In this podcast episode, Gillian shares the message that it's OK not to feel OK, and she encourages everyone to reach out and to receive the help and support that they deserve. 

Visit the full post and transcription at Clarity Junction: https://clarityjunction.com/im-fine-my-experience-with-postnatal-depression/

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