0021 - Learning Is the Key to Your Personal Development
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0021 - Learning Is the Key to Your Personal Development
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So many of us dismiss learning as boring or as a chore that we have to go through when we are young, then once we hit the age to leave school, we never need to worry about it again.

In this interview, Jennifer Lindsay-Finan explains that by keeping this opinion, we are only limiting our ability to grow in life, and that by embracing the need to continually learn as an adult, you allowing yourself the opportunity to open so many new doors and experiences in your life. 

As an enthusiastic educator, Jennifer discusses that learning as an adult means that you have a choice in how and what you learn. She chats about how we can find the right method learning that suits us personally, and also tips on how to find and manage time so that we can fit our learning in to our busy adult lives.

Looking to broaden your horizons, but don't know where to start? Then I recommend you take a moment to listen to this podcast episode.

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