0022 - How Practising Gratitude Helped Me to Heal
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0022 - How Practising Gratitude Helped Me to Heal
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Although it is not a new thought, the power and practice of gratitude has become more talked about over the last few years.

With more and more people discovering it, the practice of feeling grateful everyday, has become very popular.

The question is, however, does it really work?

Does expressing gratitude really make your life any better? 

In this podcast episode, Clarity Junction host, Gillian, shares her story of a challenging time in her life where she undertook the practice of daily gratitude, and she believes that this process helped her to heal.

Please note that Gillian also went through medical treatment during this time, and would never recommend substituting any medical treatment for practising gratitude alone.

Visit the full post and transcription at Clarity Junction: https://clarityjunction.com/how-practising-gratitude-helped-me-to-heal

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