0027 - Are Your Clothes Affecting Your Self-Confidence? artwork
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0027 - Are Your Clothes Affecting Your Self-Confidence?

  • E27
  • 51:52
  • April 19th 2020

The clothes we wear can have a huge impact on your self-confidence and is such an important part of our self-care, yet so many women struggle to know what to buy or wear on a daily basis.

Many of us have never been taught how to choose clothes that suit us and that we feel comfortable. 

This means that many of us over buy outfits, choose the wrong fit or colour for our shapes and we never feel happy in what we wear.

This can have a huge knock-on effect on our self-confidence. If we are not happy in the clothes we wear, it shows on different levels.

Stylist Elizabeth Hambleton shares her views on how style is not the same as fashion, and that you can have a great closet of clothes that you feel confident wearing, without wasting time and money.

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