0035 - The Joy of Living an Alcohol-Free Life
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0035 - The Joy of Living an Alcohol-Free Life
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So many women and mums are being pulled into the destructive cycle of relying on alcohol to help relieve stress and cope with everyday problems.

'Wine O'clock' is the new normal, acceptable trend for many.

Unfortunately, alcohol will never solve these issues and will cause more upset to our lives on many levels. 'Wine O'clock' is a dangerous message to be sending both ourselves and our children.

In this interview, Sobriety Coach, Gayle Macdonald, shares her story and journey to living an alcohol-free life and why she feels that becoming a sober mum is the best thing that she has ever done.

Listen in to discover the freedom, peace and clarity that sobriety has brought to Gayle's life, and her advice on where to start if you think that it's time to address your own drinking habits.

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