0036 - 5 Ways to Cope Better During Stressful Days
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0036 - 5 Ways to Cope Better During Stressful Days
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Stressful days are becoming more and more the norm for many of us.

In our modern world, we are expected to be and do so much more than what is physically and practically possible.

We are constantly being pulled in all directions and continually trying to juggle everything while keeping those around us happy.

While we are doing this, we are triggering off so much stress in our own beings, which will eventually lead us to poor health and burnout.

So how can we cope better during stressful days? 

In this podcast episode, Gillian Duncan, Clarity Junction host, coach and author discusses 5 actions that you can try to help reduce and lift the cycle of stress.

Visit the full post and transcription at Clarity Junction: https://clarityjunction.com/5-ways-to-cope-better-during-stressful-days/

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