0042 - From Burnout to Balance
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0042 - From Burnout to Balance
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So many of us live a life constantly juggling tasks on our to-do list.

We are brought up in a culture where so much pressure is piled on to us at an early age. Pressure to do well at school, be presentable, get a good job, have a beautiful home, drive the best car and be the best mom, wife, daughter, aunt, niece, neighbour and friend! Not to mention be able to bake the perfect cake...

It's no wonder that so many women face burnout.

In this podcast episode, we share with you an interview with Psychotherapist, Anxiety and Trauma Recovery Specialist, Natasha Fletcher all about the topic of burnout. 

Natasha's live chat with Clarity Junction host, Gillian Duncan, was recorded during an interview in the Midlife Empowerment for Women Facebook group, where she shares wonderful advice on how to identify when you are on the path to burnout and what action you can take.

Visit the full post and transcription at Clarity Junction: https://clarityjunction.com/burnouttobalance

We also have a great group for women who have decided that now is the time to make their own life and self-care more of a priority. Will you join us? https://www.facebook.com/groups/MidlifeEmpowermentforWomen/

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