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0056 - Train Your Brain to Stop Critical Self-Talk

  • E56
  • 25:25
  • November 16th 2020

Wouldn't it be great if we could just train our brain to stop all that critical self-talk that goes on inside our heads?

How much more could we achieve in life? How much happier and healthier would we become?

In this episode, Gillian, host of Clarity Junction, chats to Performance Coach, Mindset Strategist and Clarity Junction Guest Expert, Adelaide Goodeve, all about the impact that negative, critical self-talk has on your life. Not only your thoughts and behaviours, but it’s impact on your physical wellbeing

Adelaide shares her journey from being told that she would live with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the rest of her life, but through her work on re-training her brain, she made a remarkable recovery and now uses these retraining and rewiring techniques to help others achieve amazing goals in life.

Visit the full post at Clarity Junction: https://clarityjunction.com/stop-critical-self-talk

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