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Clicking Apply


  • 53:14
  • February 5th 2021

BDO provides Tax, Audit, Advisory and Business Services & Outsourcing solutions to companies across all sectors of the economy.

They value their colleagues being themselves, believe in sharing ideas and opinions as well as ensuring there are a variety of opportunities available for team members to grow and learn new skills.

Join Holly Thompson, Lewis Foster and Abdullah Mir on this Clicking Apply episode, as they give you some fantastic insights into BDO and share top tips on everything from applications to acing those interviews.

And with fun anecdotes about pet hedgehogs and paddleboarding dogs, you may just be convinced about why BDO is the absolute best place to kick start your future career. Tune in - you won't regret it.

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Clicking Apply

Clicking Apply is an exciting new podcast series from Springpod, that sheds light on the candidate journey for any young person looking to apply for either an apprenticeship or graduate programme.

Delivered as a series of interactive chats, the podcast will deep dive into the recruitment process and highlight what happens after an applicant clicks apply. Each episode will focus on either an apprenticeship or graduate programme and will feature a recruiter and a successful candidate who will share top tips and help prospective candidates to understand what it takes to make a successful application.