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Clicking Apply


  • 22:57
  • November 16th 2020

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales ( ICAEW) is a professional membership organisation that promotes, develops and, most importantly, supports chartered accountants and students across the world.

Join Aimee Dimmock and Akin Dogankaya on this Clicking Apply episode, as they demystify Accounting as a career and break some of the myths about people working in in this field.

Plus find out how these real professionals would pitch accounting as a career, if they were on Dragon's Den - it's truly worth a listen.

Clicking Apply

Clicking Apply is an exciting new podcast series from Springpod, that sheds light on the candidate journey for any young person looking to apply for either an apprenticeship or graduate programme.

Delivered as a series of interactive chats, the podcast will deep dive into the recruitment process and highlight what happens after an applicant clicks apply. Each episode will focus on either an apprenticeship or graduate programme and will feature a recruiter and a successful candidate who will share top tips and help prospective candidates to understand what it takes to make a successful application.