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CHR: 6: Adapt & Overcome with Tanielle Brown

  • E6
  • 33:48
  • February 11th 2021

Tanielle Brown, Eclectic Therapeutic Connections, PLLC, joins David Matthews, host, on Client Hacks Radio. Before the CoVID-19 pandemic, Tanielle experienced high no-shows and rescheduling as a result of clients with financial challenges with unreliable transportation or automobile malfunction. The pandemic forced her industry to pivot. Tanielle talks about her journey through the pandemic and how she was able to pivot and come out stronger on the other side.

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Client Hacks Radio explores the challenges and solutions for client growth strategies. We invite a new guest each week to share a story of overcoming a challenge impacting their client list. In their story, you will find the little tweaks they made to overcome their challenge. This is wisdom only found through experience…we call these wise changes and insights Client Hacks. In short episodes from 20 to 40 minutes, packed with practical wisdom, listeners can learn how to overcome similar challenges and grow their client list. The show is designed to help you understand the important points learned from such challenges so you can model and apply them to your business.

Client Hacks Radio is hosted by David L Matthews, founder of Truhsted, an early-stage business focused on helping financial professionals grow their client list. David has 20 years in the technology industry and 7 years of research experience in entrepreneurial leadership and behavioral science. He holds a Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Change and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.