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Close Quarter Dad

Helping men to keep their kids safe

Created by Adam Mitchell • 50 episodes

Close Quarter Dad

The Close Quarter Dad podcast is a discussion among men about teaching our kids to live safe, confident and resilient lives. Topics are focussed on topics of personal protection, family safety, loss prevention and last resort survival.

Our #1 goal with this podcast is to grow a community of men, committed to teaching their children how to live safe, confident lives. Our content is entirely centered on topics that are meaningful for men who want their kids to be able to always have what it takes, when it counts.

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Adam Mitchell

My name is Adam Mitchell. I began Close Quarter Dad with one goal in mind, and that's to provide men with the knowledge they need to teach their children safety, resilience and survival.

I'm a Dad of four kids, and I have been teaching families the skills of personal protection for over twenty years at my school in New York. In 2006, I recognized a specific need that most men yearned for as Dads, but didn't have the access or understanding to the type of training they needed to truly keep their families safe under any circumstance.

As a result, I created this program and podcast. Here, you will learn from other Dads, some of the world's top trainers in their field of expertise. You will end up having a completely different outlook on what keeping your family safe means. 

Close Quarter Dad is a community for Dads committed to building strong kids and life-long memories together. 

I welcome you on this journey together. 

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