Exploring Executive coaching: A Discussion With Jenny Rogers artwork
Coaching Uncaged

Exploring Executive coaching: A Discussion With Jenny Rogers

  • S9E4
  • 52:53
  • February 2nd 2021

In this episode of Coaching Uncaged, Animas Centre Director Robert Stephenson is joined by experienced executive coach, trainer and author Jenny Rogers.

Jenny shares her impressive background in executive coaching, touching on some of the journey that has led her to the work that she is doing now: a combination of executive coaching, pro bono coaching for a charity called Smart Works which aims to get unemployed women back into work, as well as her role as one of the faculty on the Guildhall School of Music and Drama’s coaching programme. 

Jenny also touches on the work around trauma that she is currently doing with Julia Vaughan-Smith, and discusses how trauma can show up in the coaching space, and why it is important to consider how the past might be playing out in the present for our coaching clients. 

Jenny shares her thoughts around how coaching, and particularly executive coaching, has shifted, changed and progressed over the past 30 years, and also discusses her take on psychometric tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and why tools like this can be useful, particularly when used in conjunction with other psychometric devices. 

Finally, Jenny shares some insight into her background as a prolific writer, touching on where this desire to write comes from and why writing can be a great way to learn, as well as sharing some more information around her upcoming book ‘Coaching: What Really Works’ which is released in March this year. 

We hope that you enjoy this episode!

You can find out more about Jenny and her work here: https://jennyrogerscoaching.com/

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