Exploring Group Coaching: A Discussion With Emma Dempsey artwork
Coaching Uncaged

Exploring Group Coaching: A Discussion With Emma Dempsey

  • S9E3
  • 35:07
  • January 26th 2021

In this episode, Animas Centre Director Robert Stephenson is joined by coach, trainer, supervisor, facilitator and trainer of the Animas Accredited Certificate in Group Coaching, Emma Dempsey. 

Emma shares her background that brought her to coaching, touching on the previous work that she did with groups around community development, bringing people together and nurturing groups within communities. 

Emma and Robert also share what it means to be a group coach, and coach a group, and what we mean when we talk about group coaching. Emma also touches on how coaching skills show up in the group coaching space and some of the differences between coaching and facilitation.

Emma also shares how much we can learn when coaching happens as part of a group, and how when observing coaching in a group dynamic, it gives everyone a space to reflect, and think ‘what does it mean for me?’ ‘How does it impact me?’ ‘What’s my reflection around my goal, outcome or desire?’ And how powerful it can be to coach as a group, and create a space of sharing, and learning from one another.

Emma also shares some of the key topics covered and takeaways that people can expect from the Accredited Certificate in Group coaching, including exploring how we bring groups together, what we might need to notice as coaches in that space, as well as delving into various group theories and group dynamics during a weekend that will include experiential practice sessions and lots of valuable reflection.

We hope that you enjoy this discussion!

You can find out more about Emma and her work here: https:www.emmadempseycoaching.com

If you’re interested in coaching groups, the CPD course this weekend is actually fully booked… but fear not! The course is being run twice more this year, with the next one being in March. If you’re interested, you can find out more and book your spot here: https://www.animascoaching.com/blog/events/accredited-certificate-in-group-coaching-2021/

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