Exploring the Development of the Coaching Profession: A Discussion With Cheryl Procter-Rogers, MCC artwork
Coaching Uncaged

Exploring the Development of the Coaching Profession: A Discussion With Cheryl Procter-Rogers, MCC

  • S10E1
  • 47:12
  • June 29th 2021

In this new episode of Coaching Uncaged, Animas Centre Director Robert Stephenson is joined by MCC coach, public speaker, author and PR consultant Cheryl Procter-Rogers as they delve into the growth and development of the coaching profession, and explore the impact that coaching can have in so many different areas. 

Cheryl shares how she first came to coaching, touching on the realisation that she was actually coaching before she even knew what coaching was - something that is no doubt familiar for many coaches listening to this episode - before mapping her journey from a career in PR, to training as a coach and recently achieving her MCC credentials - one of only 1235 worldwide coaches to do so. 

Cheryl shares more detail around the process she went through to achieve her MCC credentials, why she is so glad to have done it, what it offers her and her coachees, as well as what taking two attempts at submission taught her about herself and her coaching. 

Robert and Cheryl discuss how far the profession has come in the last few decades, touching on how it has matured into a ‘true profession’, sharing where they feel it might head in the near future. Cheryl also offers her perspective on the place of coaching within Social Impact work, and why pro bono coaching is important to her. 

During this fascinating discussion, Cheryl shares the value of professional coach training as she sees it, speaks on being perfect and getting caught in the processes, and touches on the value of always being true to ourselves as coaches.

You can find out more about Cheryl and her work here: https://www.astepaheadpr.com/home.html

We hope that you enjoy this episode of Coaching Uncaged!

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