Exploring the Psychological Impact of the Pandemic in the Coaching Space: A Discussion With Dr. Fatoumata Jatta artwork
Coaching Uncaged

Exploring the Psychological Impact of the Pandemic in the Coaching Space: A Discussion With Dr. Fatoumata Jatta

  • S9E9
  • 57:31
  • June 1st 2021

In this episode of Coaching Uncaged, Animas Centre Director Robert Stephenson is joined by clinical psychologist, transformational coach, difference and diversity trainer, and trainer around female genital mutilation (FGM), Dr. Fatoumata Jatta. 

Fatoumata explores the impact that the pandemic has had on people and communities, including those that work in the coaching space, sharing her insights and observations from both a coaching perspective, as well as sharing what she has seen as the impact from a clinical psychologist perspective too. 

Fatoumata discusses the importance of self-awareness as coaches around making sure we are giving enough care and time for ourselves in order to avoid burnout, and touches on the caveats that come with sharing our own struggles in a challenging world. 

Robert and Fatoumata speak on the Black Lives Matter movement and the topic of diversity, sharing their perspectives and learnings around cultural diversity and difference over the past year. Fatoumata also shares the work that she does with organisations as a diversity and difference trainer and the space for awkward or difficult conversations that she facilitates as part of that work. 

Finally, Fatoumata also discusses the work that she is doing around Female Genital Mutilation, including an open and honest sharing of her own journey, touching on the part that culture plays in these rituals, as well as what she is currently doing in this space to support others that have experienced FGM.

You can find out more about Fatoumata and her work here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/counselling/dr-fatoumata-jatta-online-therapy-london-eng/736383

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