Exploring the Relationship Between Coaching and the Climate Crisis: A Discussion With Dr. Alison Whybrow artwork
Coaching Uncaged

Exploring the Relationship Between Coaching and the Climate Crisis: A Discussion With Dr. Alison Whybrow

  • S9E2
  • 43:06
  • January 19th 2021

In this episode of Coaching Uncaged Animas Centre Director Robert Stephenson is joined by coach, consultant, supervisor, author and co-founder of the Climate Coaching Alliance, Dr. Alison Whybrow.

Alison shares her journey, one which might be familiar for many listeners, that started with a realisation that the climate emergency isn’t under control and evolved into a questioning around what if coaching was reframed? And Instead of being about individual and organisational success, what if it was there to create a healthy biosphere?

Alison shares how this thinking led to her co-founding the Climate Coaching Alliance with Eve Turner and Dr. Josie Mclean - A movement centred around bringing together coaches, coaching psychologists, and coaching supervisors, facilitators and other leadership professionals in order to co-create a space to share resources, explore practice, and hold dialogue around the climate emergency.

Robert and Alison explore the many ways coaches might bring in either a wider lens or bigger sense of self into the space around climate and the wider ecology, with Alison sharing examples from her own coaching. 

They also discuss how organisations and professional bodies can avoid making it feel as though coaches ‘must’ or ’should’ be part of this conversation, and instead open it up as an invitation to be part of the dialogue and resulting action should it feel aligned to their purpose.

Finally, Alison shares what’s next for the Coaching Climate Alliance, including a 24 hour global conversation open to all, on the climate emergency which is taking place on the 4th March this year.

You can find out more about Alison and the Coaching Climate Alliance here: https://www.climatecoachingalliance.org/


We hope that you enjoy this discussion!

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