Monica Hanaway: Exploring Existential Phenomenology in Coaching -  Coaching Uncaged S12 E05 artwork
Coaching Uncaged

Monica Hanaway: Exploring Existential Phenomenology in Coaching - Coaching Uncaged S12 E05

  • S12E5
  • 1:10:03
  • March 29th 2022

In this episode of Coaching Uncaged, host Yannick Jacob is joined by Monica Hanaway who is a coach, Mediator, UKCP Psychotherapist supervisor, consultant, trainer, and author of books such as The Handbook of Existential Coaching Practice.

To start, Monica provides a glimpse of her work as an Existential Coach in a variety of contexts, which include music, conflict-resolution and organisations.

In talking about her experiences coaching world leaders, she shows us how she works in a practical yet philosophical way. She says that her starting point is always "grounded in the phenomena of themselves, within the organisation, and within their personal lives as well."

The conversation then takes a natural turn to the topic of phenomenology. Monica says that it's all about being incredibly open where everything happening in a conversation has value and has to be respected.

Yannick and Monica delve deep into the topic of assumptions and the need for coaches to bring awareness to our own beliefs as it plays a role in the coaching itself.

Yannick and Monica also talk about transformation, the responsibility - of both the coach and client-, and the current coaching market. Finally, the pair share a conversation about the varying perspectives within coaching and how great it is for coaches to clearly articulate what they do.

Monica Hanaway is an Executive, Leadership and Business Coach, Mediator, UKCP Psychotherapist supervisor, stress management consultant and management and leadership trainer.

Learn more about Monica and her work here:

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