Reinhard Stelter PhD: Exploring The Art of Dialogue in Coaching artwork
Coaching Uncaged

Reinhard Stelter PhD: Exploring The Art of Dialogue in Coaching

  • S12E2
  • 1:06:58
  • February 1st 2022

Coaching Uncaged host Yannick Jacob is joined by Reinhard Stelter PhD, who is a psychologist, coach, professor and author of books such as The Art of Dialogue in Coaching and A Guide to Third Generation Coaching.  

Reinhard shares his thoughts around Transformative Dialogue, the three generations of coaching, Transformative Exchange and identity development and more.

He also provides a peek into his approach as a "Dialogue Coach," touching on several concepts such as the Protreptics approach, resonance within coaching and Heidegger's Vita Contemplativa or "Contemplative Life." 

Reinhard Stelter holds a PhD in psychology and is Professor of Sport and Coaching Psychology at the University of Copenhagen and visiting professor at the Copenhagen Business School.

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