Building Your Brand and the Marathon of Entrepreneurship with Tiffany Neuman artwork
Run to Thrive

Building Your Brand and the Marathon of Entrepreneurship with Tiffany Neuman

  • E7
  • 34:11
  • November 12th 2020

Like running a marathon, becoming a successful business owner and entrepreneur is no easy feat. It takes dedication, the right mindset, proper planning, and a strong will to keep you going through the ups and downs so you can cross the finish. Today I chat with Brand strategist and expert Tiffany Neuman, who shares a lot of great insight into what it takes to win the marathon of building a thriving career and business!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

What entrepreneurs can learn from running marathons - how Tiffany successfully pivoted from a 15 year career in corporate to starting and growing her own branding business -  how running can help you build confidence and grow a stronger mindset as a business owner -  how your brand story and personal brand can help you and your business grow - the future of running technology. 

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