Debunking "Bible Secrets" Television Shows artwork
Cold and Lonely Truth

Debunking "Bible Secrets" Television Shows

  • 54:38
  • June 8th 2020

Lenny Esposito of Come Let Us Reason Together debunks the various claims made by the "Bible Secrets" Television Shows.

Cold and Lonely Truth

Is reality made up of only things we can see or experience? Should we depend on science alone to tell us what is real? And what about the deeper things in life? Has science replaced religion? Embark on a journey with this thought-provoking and thorough examination of the nature of reality. Talks, debates, and presentations deal with the evidence for the existence of God, the archaeological consistency with Christianity, and its historical validity.

It Includes original content from Cold and Lonely Truth as well as top-quality selected content from various other sources specifically dealing with the best of reasons for the truth of the Christian worldview.