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Applied Coaching

  • 44:00
  • October 26th 2018

Coaching always takes place in a particular context for the client (the coachee). In Executive Coaching, by the client we refer to the coachee as the primary client, and the sponsoring company as the secondary client. The coaching contract is a three party affair. The context has to do with the primary client’s professional or personal development or the circumstances in the sponsor organization that requires him/her to respond to in a particular way. Coaching is an applied intervention. The real coach shows up in the application and the impact of coaching, which is not only observed during the coaching sessions but in between them, and beyond the coaching programme. Coaching is one of the youngest and fastest growing human capital development interventions in the world. It is a game changer. Once you have undergone professional coaching, you cannot be the same. It will no longer be business as usual. It helps an individual to fully understand his/her Current State of Being (CSoB) and imagine his/her ideal Future State of Being (FSoB). We are not concerned with the ticking of boxes, and say we have conducted a certain number of coaching sessions, therefore we have achieved results. There ought to be a difference in the client that is observed progressively through the coaching programme, and beyond. Coaching is a new addition to the holistic human capital development mix. It is different to Mentorship, Counseling, Training, Advisory, Therapy, and Consulting. One cannot prescribe coaching to the whole staff or management and say everybody must undergo coaching, unless it is aimed at the common Theme, Goal, and Objectives of a natural team or it is intended to building a new natural team. Even then, each person’s coaching programme must be uniquely his/hers. “Coaching is much bigger than Coaching. It is a way of being that the whole world needs to get to - Where the core theme is compassion for all people and caring for all of nature and for our only home”; Sir John Whitmore (1937 - 2017), Co-Founder of Performance Consultants International, and the author of the world’s No. 1 Coaching Book, available in multiple languages globally, titled, Coaching for Performance: The Principles and Practice of Coaching and Leadership. The current 5th Edition was published just before he died last year, 2017.

COMETSA Radio Podcast

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