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Conversations With Cream

Jason Harvey Talks New Fashion House for Black and Brown Creatives

  • S3E6
  • 23:50
  • March 18th 2022

#NewEpisode | Speaking with Jason Harvey about utilizing his influence to help others and why it's so important to him.

Worldly, a creative house curated by Jason Harvey to empower design talent of color, is excited to announce the launch of its first-ever collaboration with designer John Byrd-Olivieri. Entitled “Eden on Hush”, the new collection is a rich blend of Harvey’s and Byrd-Olivieri’s style of avant-garde cirque, streetwear, theatrical costumes, and grand classicism.

Launching March 23, 2022 in Atlanta, GA; a city known for its creative influence in music, film, and now fashion, Worldly embodies the celebration of culture, empowerment, and society and also serves as a house to uplift, mentor, and propel young design talent while building a support system for the next generation of black and brown fashion designers. Worldly is pushing fashion forward with making a conscious effort to create a space for talented designers who may lack the necessary resources to scale their brand.


With a commitment to spearhead diversity in the fashion industry, Harvey is focused on building partnerships with his community to make brands developed under the Worldly umbrella accessible to a wider audience. Expanding beyond “just” fashion, the brand philosophy is based on positive change and fashion's influence on the world all of which is impactful, thoughtful and connected.

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