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Conversations With Cream

Spotlight on As Told By Victoria

  • S2E20
  • 53:58
  • September 23rd 2021

Ms. Cream of the Crop welcomed her guest Victoria Makanjuola on Conversations with Cream.

Victoria Makanjuola content creator, blogger, podcaster, and recent college graduate. Founder of “As Told by Victoria" & "The Feel Your FeelingZ Podcast"

They discussed life from the Gen Z perspective, during the pandemic.

Conversations With Cream

Conversations with Cream, is my take on Self Improvement aka Self-Empowerment (That's what I like to call it) from a personal perspective. There are so many Self-Help "Gurus" that the market seems to be over-saturated and most people don't feel "helped."

I've been a podcaster for over 10yrs, however, my initial podcast no longer served a purpose on my new journey. I took my own advice and decided to start over from scratch.

This isn't a, "You SHOULD do this!" podcast. This is a, "Let's discuss where we f*cked up, acknowledge the issue, outline how we're going to fix it and move forward."

Occasionally, I'll have guests on the show who'll have random, self-empowerment Conversations with Cream.

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