"COSMIC REALITY CHRONICLES" 5/24/16 - Color Therapy artwork
Cosmic Reality Podcast

"COSMIC REALITY CHRONICLES" 5/24/16 - Color Therapy

  • 1:54:36
  • April 14th 2021

“Cosmic Reality Chronicles - Replays from the Cosmic Reality Archives with Nancy Hopkins and Walt Silva. May 24, 2016 Guest Deb Riel talks about color therapy and does a reading on Walt. He in turn determined Deb's Human Design. Though now retired, Deb was a professional Intuitive Reader who used color as her main tool to tune into people and their paths. She first worked as a 'Color Reader' in Sedona, AZ and then at a popular Five Diamond Spa & Resort in Southern California where she also gave classes on how color communicates to us and about us. Deb is also an Astrologer & Reiki Master and has been interviewed often on TV and Radio. https://www.cosmicreality.net/cosmic-reality-blog/cosmic-reality-radio-show-may-242016

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