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Mystical Wares Podcast

Paranormal Karen Episode #109 with Derek Condit

  • 1:09:23
  • May 7th 2020

Karen Rontowski: I could talk to Derek Condit FOREVER! You know him as the Shungite guy. We talk about everything from Missing 411 to his fascinating childhood! And I get to see his awesome store that Courage (my dog) did not want to leave!

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No plan, no limit's, just open discussion on a wide range of metaphysical & spiritual topics!


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Mystical Wares Podcast

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Derek Condit avatar
Derek Condit

Derek Condit Owner/Operator Mystical Wares Store & The Shungite Beehives

Derek & Maureen Condit opened Mystical Wares in September of 2019 with the desire to assist others in their quest for higher knowledge & spiritual advancement. Both Derek & Maureen left successful careers in the 3D world to open Mystical Wares as a place for others to continue to explore, expand & experience the many layers of our existence.

Derek is an intuitive/clairvoyant (Energy Healer) with a diverse set of understandings & abilities. He uses these understandings along with the help of your own spirit guides to release any energetic blockages or attachments.

During a session with Derek you'll have the opportunity for communication with spirit guides, loved ones who have passed (humans & animals) & receive messages from your higher-self. Some of the services offered during a session include:

  • Energy Healing (Reiki Energy Work)
  • Remote Viewing/Healing
  • Spiritual/Metaphysical Consultation
  • Chakra Activation/Boosting
  • Removal of Energy Blockages (from physical, energetic & emotional bodies)

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