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Coup Save America

Make Humanity Great Again

  • S1E11
  • 1:45:34
  • August 25th 2022

Humanity is not great. In a world that is rapidly changing across multiple dimensions, we have come upon a new era where our entire species lingers precariously close to self-destruction, but with a future of immense potential hanging in the balance. How can we pull ourselves back from the brink? Is such a retreat from self-inflicted peril even possible? 

Author and change-leader Edina Brown joins Coup Save America to discuss these questions, offering her insights and experiences on how to pave a course toward a new culture of empathy and human wellness. 

Edina Brown is a leader in caring for humanity and creating connections. She recently served as an elected official in central New Jersey, and continues to contribute to issues like mental health, child welfare, and social change through her work on boards. Her deep desire to improve the way people see each other inspired her to write and publish "Make Humanity Great Again," and further content about social change and wellness.

Coup Save America

Coup Save America is a weekly talk show hosted by Sean St. Heart that plants the mental seeds of social change by inciting a politically progressive coup of knowledgeable citizens to challenge the status quo. Each episode focuses on a specific issue, featuring expert guests and interviews with the people who are most affected by the problems in our country. The show uses a sociological approach to raise awareness, ponder solutions, and consider the various perspectives. Coup Save America hopes to create an avenue for our nation to reach its potential for greatness! 

Coup Save America is a radically left-wing expose on America that uses facts, humor, and intellectual wit to expose the myths surrounding the great western democracy that exists only in the heavily propagandized lore of American history-i-fiction. Each show features in-depth analysis of America’s anti-democratic domestic and foreign policies, a breakdown of the week's news and events that are either ignored or misrepresented by western media, information on the latest crimes emerging from the district of corruption, coverage of the wars and global conflicts being waged unbeknownst to the America people, and a depressingly comedic rundown of the political insanity emanating from both the left and right-wing spectrum. 

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Sean St. Heart
Show Host

    Sean St. Heart is a sociologist, philosopher, and staunch advocate for social justice who strives to give voice to the immense social issues and problems affecting our world. Sean is the co-founder and vice president of Charitable Humans, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-governmental organization working to advance the prospects for purposeful and systemic social change. In addition to his involvement with the nonprofit, Sean is also a freelance investigative journalist and talk radio show host who is passionate about exposing corruption and challenging the biased, and often corporate influenced, narratives which pollute the mainstream news and media ecosystem.