The truth about hiring virtual assistants in 2021 artwork
Course Wizards

The truth about hiring virtual assistants in 2021

  • S1E91
  • 17:31
  • June 2nd 2021

How to find the right virtual assistants (VA) for your online courses.

The idea of hiring a rock star VA is so cliché, but when you are running an online course this could be just what you need! Finding someone that can help with editing and designing videos might seem like it would take hours upon hours sifting through profiles, though luckily there are lots of places where all these talents converge.

You don't have to hire people from other countries or figure out how much they will charge per hour-you pay on a fixed project basis upfront (smaller projects only cost $5), which means no headaches over worker protection laws either. Best yet?

All work completed by freelancers has been screened according to strict quality standards. 

Amit and Chris discuss why you may want to hire a VA, the options you have, and what a VA can do for you.

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