Monique Henry-Hudson on the magic of working in animation and the power of connections artwork
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Monique Henry-Hudson on the magic of working in animation and the power of connections

  • S2E53
  • 52:10
  • May 23rd 2021

Filmmaker, blogger and podcaster, Monique Henry-Hudson, is currently working at Netflix Animation, runs her own podcast, and is behind Diverse Toons, a travelling animation panel series that highlights the importance of diversity in the animation industry. Here, we chat about growing up in Queens, finding opportunities to get into animation and discovering unexpected paths. We talk about the power of networking and making valuable connections. And we delve into recent movie releases (Disney/Pixar's Soul and Onward) and how the industry is evolving after the events of last summer – not to mention how we, as an audience, are demanding more from creators and why there are lots of things to be excited about, particularly from Netflix.

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